The very moment you begin to read this article there is something at work in you. It is very thin and that thin layer holds the ‘worlds’ of your past. The subconscious is the part of you that is currently out of focal awareness, it is very thin.

Psychologists argue that underneath the layers of critical thought-through functions of the conscious mind lay a powerful awareness tool, the subconscious mind. Think of your subconscious mind as a backup on your computer hard drive as huge and fat like the pink sheets NPP submitted to the court during the election petition or a storage room like EC’s ‘strong room’ for all your memories and everything which you have seen, sensed, heard, thought, learnt or felt in the past. It may even include a fond memory of your first fart in your first relationship.

A teacher has taught you good sentence construction and even though you are not using them now, it is lost. These little things are kept by your subconscious mind like your first broken heart or a story you’ve ever read before. So if for instance, I’ve made a mistake in this piece, even though you are not to edit this, your subconscious mind will prompt you that there’s something wrong with a particular word or sentence. Someone will say “why did nobody proof read this article?” Because there are simple silly mistakes that could have been corrected! You probably would be overwhelmed with something I have said in this article and marvel. These little pieces of impressions will help you make the final conclusion after reading this write-up.

I am not trying to tell you that you should not comment on this article. As a matter of fact I need your comments to help me give you the very best. All I am driving at is this; I want you to ask yourself these simple questions. Now, Now that you can see, read, think, feel, hear and understand this, have you thought of the blind man who cannot see? How about the deaf and dumb man that when you decide to read this aloud won’t even wink?

You are probably reading this on your smartphone, laptop or some kind of electronic gadget. Have you thought about how privileged you are considering the fact that not all people have gotten it this way? Even the life in you to make you do what you do. You didn’t pay ‘foko’ for it. You went to school, how about the poor guy you grew up with whose parents could not afford his school fees and had to drop out of school? I only want you to know that you are blessed and privileged not for reading this but the fact that your eyes can see, your skin can feel, your nose can smell and your heart is beating right now, a proof that you are blessed. Yet, it is not your own doing.

Even if your heart is bleeding like Nana Konadu and other disgruntled disqualified presidential aspirants be glad. Be joyous for the very moment you become ungrateful, ingratitude will increase toxic emotions within you ranging from envy to hatred, from pain to resentment. You’ll be dissatisfied with life and all its offers. That is a sure way of killing yourself! If you want one, now you’ve got it. This is suicidal and the law forbids you. Please don’t!

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How much is freedom? I mean the freedom we enjoy. You might not have any idea about how expensive freedom is but when you think of yourself behind bars in the Nsawam prisons, you would help yourself by eliminating the thoughts hanging in your mind that freedom is cheaper than free. Yes! It is cheaper than free but when it is lost, freedom will be expensive than dear and in your quest to purchase it, your paycheque will cry for help like the way Ayariga cried over EC’s filing fee.

How much is peace? This peace we enjoy as if it is our bona-fide property. Ask the boy from Rwanda, Saudi Arabia and the likes whose character and behavior erupted as a result of civil war. Or, let me come a little closer to you. You wanna know the worth of peace? Ask that Sakawa guy who ought to sleep with 15 virgins each week to escape death and you will know that if peace were a commodity, even the bourgeoisies will beg for price reduction. How much is health? This health that you sincerely enjoy without paying a penny to afford? You will understand better when you imagine yourself on a sick bay in Konfo Anokye Teaching Hospital. It costs nothing to say thank you. Be grateful for nothing you have is really yours. Even your name was given by somebody.

Our minds have so soon forgotten that a lot of people were given the same opportunities as we. The same conditions and circumstances but as if by design we are here. Yet it is never any good thing or hard work we did. You wanna know why? Beyond the empirical explanation of science lies a supernatural truth of a supreme being with super natural powers whose words alone holds the corners of this world, Almighty God. He’s always near us but when our ignorance and prosperous living cloud our focus on Him, and we decide not to see the cosmic wonders of His hands ,we have chosen a path. A path nearing us to destruction. It is suicide and the law forbids you. Please don’t!

Our lives have been machined and mechanized by our very own thoughts. For more grace we are not deserving, familiarity has clouded our world with ordinary and we do not see the miracles in our lives any longer. The very moment you wake up from bed you think it is normal because you wake up all the time. The very moment you land in a new job position you think it is because of your hard work because it happens all the time. My friend pause! It is not. It isn’t. It is not all persons who sleep that wakes up. It is not every person that lands in a new job, gains employment or receives a promotion. It is not. Sometimes not even for the hard workers or the prayerful people. It is something we call Grace. It is a miracle and you’ve got to be thankful for that. Every good thing that comes to you isn’t all about your hard work. It isn’t all about your links and ideas. Remember there are more hard workers than you. There are more people with better links than you do. Be grateful!

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Being ungrateful is suicidal and as I have iterated earlier the law forbids suicide so please don’t. Ingratitude is lack of proper appreciation or thanks for a kind or helpful act. In itself it is not just an act it is also a feeling and that feeling has got something doing with your mind. When such feelings accumulate for a period of time it gets webbed up on your subconscious mind then these little pieces of backward feelings will come back to you in small folds. You’ll think it is normal but these goes beyond what you’ve always believed.

First discontentment will descend on you like a pint of salt and will start breeding envy. Envy is the smoothest path to hatred and that could lead to death. You know why? Hatred will fuel up your being until you could take it no longer then you’ll explode like time bomb. The repercussions are disastrous: you become bitter and unfulfilled and your life on earth will be short lived because you will make no powerful impact.

Gratitude increases happiness and reduces depression within your soul. You can try this; Spend minutes writing about things you are grateful for before bed and you’ll sleep like a baby. Gratitude reduces social comparisons which can increase your mental strength. We have the ability and the capacity to cultivate gratitude. Simply take a few moment and focus on all that you have rather than complain about all the things you think you deserve.
To be grateful is not some formulaic action based on tedious ledger that neatly have to tally with everything you have received in your life so far. Rather it is appreciating the fact that you already have received the privilege to be alive, see, smell, love and be loved and for the fact that you are reading this write-up. So be grateful. For the very moment you ignore these little blessings you may be closing the doors for greater ones. Remember, Jesus said he who is diligent in small things will be diligent in greater ones.

Ingratitude will deepen your inferiority complex instead of increasing your self-esteem. Ingratitude will make you pessimistic instead of optimistic. You become less self-controlled and materialistic. But an act of gratefulness blossoms your life with gladness. Remember, peace of mind, joy of heart only comes to a grateful person.

Ingratitude can make you bitter, ingratitude will lead you comparing yourself with the status quo. Ingratitude can lead you to envy. Ingratitude will eventually make you unfulfilled and that is a sure way of killing your mind, body, spirit and soul. Ingratitude can lead you to kill yourself and that is suicide. The law forbids that, please don’t!

I am Philemon Ashirifie Ofei writing as PhilemonStepz


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