KARATE CHOREOGRAPHY : The Deceptive Nature Of Ghanaian Politics


It happens all the time. In movies, especially action movies. Sometimes you need vim and vigor, grit and mastery to nictitate your eyes. The dexterity with which it happens takes you bowl-over and you’d open your mouth in utter dismay which will draw your senses into thinking. You would stay glued to your TV set so convinced that indeed a Chinese man could walk on blades of grass. You are made to believe that a man like you can fly in the waters and swim in the atmosphere. You will believe that the oppression of the poor, the wails of the sufferer has ended and the poverty stricken stomachs will be fed the very moment the ‘saviour’ comes into the scene. It could be one ‘saviour’ facing over ten thousand enemies, he will fight until justice is served to his people. In the movie, you’ll marvel at the way the protagonistic ninja rolls pretentiously to dodge the strikes of his enemies and the way he bounces back to stump the villains with his sabot shoe. Sometimes you feel hallucinated watching the hero fight the villains dramatically with knives, machetes and karate chops. It’s overwhelmingly unbelievable. You will be on the edge of your seat the whole time wondering unfathomably how one man could withstand over thousand punches but two dozens of people will be sent rumbling down with just a smack from his fist. I wonder the kind of bravura with which he strikes. Oh! My, my, my. I love Chinese movies!

Most often, their antics are dazzling enough to make you believe they are real. But they are not. Do you think people who die in movies are in real life dead? For all you know, this is the conversation behind the scenes; the Director will be like “The first strike will be up, you have to bend so that he’ll pass the club over your head. The second is down so quickly jump and he’ll pass the stick beneath your feet. We’ll use cel animations especially for the scenes that contain the grass and the sky. Our Chroma keying is the best you can find in the industry, we wouldn’t have problems with the colour combination at all. Our collage and make-up artiste are also good, they’ll put pieces of you together to make it seem you are flying or walking on blades of grass.

All you have to do is to memorise the scenes”. The Director will say to the supposed saviour.
“But wouldn’t it hurt when the wood whacks me”? The supposed hero will ask. “It does but not as much as you think”, The Director will retort. “You also have to learn a little ninja moves to make the movie interesting, it must be as real as possible. We’re only mimicking what they do in the Martial Arts Temple. We are not real fighters. This is a game and learning the rules of engagement is akin to your success. You need constant and consistent stamina, tact and confidence to fascinate your audience. You have to make sure people who watche) and listen to you believe in every single thing you do. This is the job you’ve taken upon yourself. You can’t get paid if you don’t do it well”. The director will pause for some time and continue. “You don’t have to be entirely true. It doesn’t have to be all nice and pretty. It’s all about intimidation, functionality and speed. Our actions must be a mixture of comic, deception and truth. All your aim should be geared towards the ultimate goal. Power! You must defeat your opponent. Our audience must believe that this is reality and all that they’re hearing and seeing are not just picaresque.” The Director of the movie will end his tutorials. And the day the clapperboard claps till the night the editor breathes his last breath into the movie that is how the movie is made. It is done and becomes real to movie lovers. They watch and wonder, wow what a movie.

You might not be provoked to think beyond the movies you watch every day but today I want you to walk through your mind and see whether we have people living their lives like those in movie scripts. Stop for a while and ponder. Have you found one? If you have, your guess is as good as mine but if you haven’t, look again and again beside you. The most luxurious and the fastest growing area in Ghana today; the only difference between them and fictional characters is, they are human beings. Yes, you are right. Politics. I don’t know whether it is a job, a profession, occupation or an industry. These people will sit, think, strategize and plan on how they’re going to play on the minds of Ghanaians, how beautiful they can paint the lie and how tactically pleasing they can make death seem. For them, all is about winning and anything you can do to get power. They’ll plan on how to execute their cruelty in a nice and pretty way, how to cover up the atrocities they’ve committed? They’re good at that. All they do is to play mind games on Ghanaians especially those they call the ‘ordinary Ghanaian’ so that you’ll still believe in them that they are your saviour thereby voting for them.

That is why the man who callously whisked and caused the arrest of a poor innocent ‘trotro’ driver for honking his car horn on civilians will be seen busily stirring Banku. That is why the Mayor of Accra recently became a hair dresser, plaiting ladies hair in the quest to solicit for votes. That is why some NPP sympathizers will be bathing school children in an exchange for their mother’s votes. That is why Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is a corn miller in some villages. That is why Nana Akuffo Addo will be singing Ekiiki me because Wisa, who was chasing dancers on stage with his prick, had publicly decided to join his band wagon. That is why they will be visiting religious gatherings for the people to think they’re part of them. My friend, all these people are the same. They sing the same song – they have different tunes. They’ll become all normal and humble until you give them your vote. Paa Kwasi Nduom may be looking all gentle until you find out the salary he pays to his workers. He’ll later tell them that if they vote for NDC they are fools.

None of these people is real. They are all wolfs in sheep’s clothing. Your vote which they say is your power is what gives them power. Put them in power there you’ll know what they are truly made of. Paa Kwasi Amissah Arthur, the vice president and the running mate of President Mahama always fancies the idea of posing and taking selfies with crippled people so that we know that he cares for the vulnerable, he thinks about the oppressed and the needy. It is not his fault. You remember that picture of President Mahama buckling the sandals of a school boy? That picture was roaming here and there like a stray bird. All these photos are meant to lure you into voting for them.
You think he cares about you. Forget it. His children are studying in the most expensive schools abroad using the tax you and your family members are paying. His children will come and be leaders over you and your children. Then you who could not afford school fees, you who are unemployed, you whose children are studying under trees will be fighting and arguing your lives out for these stomach politicians. You are very funny and the sad thing is that they know you will vote for them because they think you are gullible.

Anytime you feel like arguing, demonstrating, fighting and enmeshing your mind and soul for any political party, remember that pitiful poor man who lost his eye for demonstrating for Akuffo Addo. Remember those three guys who got drowned in the Daboya River in the North Gonja district of the Northern Region on their way home after attending NDC campaign launch. Remember those two guys who were electrocuted when they mounted up NPP sign board on an underground electrical cable. Those people are dead but the politicians aren’t. No son or daughter of any politician will be a political ventriloquist for his/her father (He/ She is not a fool). Those people are busily building up their future and developing their careers in the US and Europe so that they’ll come and be better than you. They will come and rule over you and your family – the very person your tax was spent on. And oh! Lest I forget. Remember that Dr. Zenator Rawlings, daughter of former President Jerry John Rawlings and an aspiring MP for the Korley Klottey Constituency just had her very first ever Voters’ ID card this year. Meaning she had never voted before, not even for her father. She was sent to study abroad. She has obtained her PhD so that she’ll be better than you. She’s back and now needs your vote to give her the license to spend your money in parliament. She knows you’ll vote for her because she thinks you are gullible.

Listen my friend, no president would ever solve your problem. No government would ever make manner fall from heaven. No government can ever change your life. If you don’t build yourself up, forget it. President Mahama has stressed that he is a dead goat hence no amount of words we say will ever touch his garment not to talk of his heart. He’ll not heed to your cries but he flies today in his Chopper begging us for our votes. He had told us the umpteenth time that he is not a magician to put monies in our pockets. I thought he said the construction of Kwame Nkrumah interchange and the building of other E-Block schools has created over two thousand jobs for the ordinary Ghanaian ooo? Hmmm. It is very pathetic.

You’ll think all the things in the so-called green book are true until the Health Minister comes out to apologize for listing non-existing health care centers in the book. And Korle Bu Cardio Unit must be shut down whenever doctors attend a funeral? What a country! Oh! Charley, the National Health Insurance Scheme is slowly being eroded of its essence and significance, yet the president is boldly telling us that he has expanded it. What sort of expansion is that? In the real glare of morality and conscience, his Excellency the president says Mrs. Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong, the Attorney General who decided to discontinue probing Woyome deserves a national award for warding off many judgement debt payment seekers. Oh my! My!! My!!! My heart is bleeding. I just can’t think far that our President can’t think far and his vice, is he really an economist?

I know you are discerning, so I’ll like to leave you with this; whenever you think you want to vote. Whoever you want to vote for, think again because none of them is really who they are. They’ll lure you to vote for them. They will spend our money wastefully and we can’t hold them accountable. This is a game. A game of deception and lies. It is not all nice and pretty. It is a façade. It could be ugly, it could be dirty. Like a movie, this is Karate choreography to feed off on your lamentable ignorance.

My name is PhilemonStepz.


  1. Good Lawd it was pleasant reading your article. You couldn’t have said it better than this, God bless you waaaaa


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