#OnaapoChallenge: Top 10 Trolling Photos & Videos Mahama And NDC Received After Losing The Elections


We have to give it up for Ghana Twitter. So far, throughout the entire election period, that side of the internet has been the most calming, exciting and pleasantly peaceful gathering of internet-savvy Ghanaian people.

The trends and trolls, of course have been endless with the recent, most hilarious one being the #ItWillNotBeSexy trend as inspired by Gabby Otchere-Darko’s tweet. Today, the new one is the #OnaapoChallenge, and it’s a total doozy.

Onaapo is a Ghanaian campaign song that was supposedly intended to be used by the NDC to mock the NPP’s defeat, however the plot twist, with the new projections that point to Nana Addo as the possible winner of the 2016 general elections, the song has been taken over by NPP supporters inspiring happy dance videos.

So far, these are the best tweets about the #OnaapoChallenge that we thought might ease up your election anxiety:

1. To be honest, we were not that surprised it became a trend either.

2. Oh, the absolute savagery.

3. The big man himself had show off his boogie down skills.


4. The official dance move of the #OnaapoChallenge

5. Truest story ever told.

6. The video that started it all. NPP supporters changed the game with this one.

7. To be honest, if you are not on Twitter, you’re missing out big time

8. And the memes keep coming.

9. The best video so far?

10. We really are! Are you not proud to be Ghanaian right now?

Credit: yen.com.gh


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