I am a shepherd, one of those guys. They call us the Magi, I mean the wise men who witnessed the birth of Christ. I have a story I want to tell you but before I do, just listen to the first stanza of my latest love poem. It goes like, “You are my queen among ten thousand royal queens. Come and join me let’s sing a love song oh my dearest. Get me unto the mountains of love and unto the hills of sweet nectar, for tonight my heart shall lay betwixt the starlets on your chest. I’ll hold them in my arms like ice cream. . . And we shall be turned into dirty clothes in the laundry”.

Hahaha, the funny feelings walked through my mind and passeth the gutted valley of my throat down to my stomach as if I’m swallowing my own saliva. The way it moistens my mouth and lubricates my inner being it seems I am in epistasis. The feelings got better as the tip of my finger pranced singsong-ly on her chest. Oh! My! I love the fluffy touches of her hairy legs whenever the palm of my hands danced precipitately downstream like the dew from Hermon falling on mount Zion.

The caresses of her aura got intense and in fact, she was coy-less with a clandestine amour without a clue of my unkempt panorama; my armpit is smelly and bushy but she took no notice of. Suddenly, I hear the words of Solomon say in Proverbs 5:3-4 “the lips of the adulterous woman drips honey and her speech is smoother than oil but in the end, she is bitter than gall. . .”
I nimbly jumped onto my feet, pushing her away to get myself out of the mess. To my utter apprehension, I was sitting in the wilderness and for all this while, one of the cattle was licking my mouth. My mouth was covered with foamy saliva and stinking mucus. I thought I’ve been loved, I thought I’ve been kissed all these while but it was just a sully cow licking my mouth. It was all a dream!!

I rose up and bit off the dust from my cloth. I held up the perfume I took when we left home to take care of our flocks. The frankincense is dear and very precious to me; it is from the Burseraceae family. The name was derived from ancient French literature. “Franc encens” it means high quality incense. The frankincense oil could be used in aromatherapy. It offers a variety of health benefits including helping relieve stress and anxiety, reducing pain and inflammation, boosting immunity and many more. My other two friends, Melchoir and Caspar also have their myrrh and Gold respectively. The myrrh is from the Cammiphora Myrrha tree, another precious oil, a valued commodity as gold. Talking about Gold, Caspar got his whiles we were crossing the red sea coast to Yemen.

We have travelled over a very long distance from Persia, Babylon and Assyria unto the fine moisturized field of Israel to help our flocks feed on the perfect foliage. My friends and I have been following the star from the East from the Dhofar region of Egypt through Yemen. We turned north to follow the red sea coast and now here we are on the colossally rich foliage of Israel. We all are tired with heavy eyes, however, we have to stay awake and ginger on to the land of the promised Messiah. We’re going to welcome our coming King who is emerging and the blessings of the Lord that makes men rich by adding no sorrows shall be bestowed on us.

At least, that is what was promised us by the Angel who appeared unto us last night; we became terrified when the glory of the Lord shone around us but he said “be not afraid be of good cheer. I bring you good tidings that will cause great joy for all people. Today in David’s city a saviour has been born to you. He is the Messiah, you shall see him wrapped in cloth and lying in a manger”. Then a great company of the Heavenly host appeared with the angel praising God.

We continued our journey westward from the east to Jerusalem. One of my friends suggested we ask the indigenes to tell us where the saviour of mankind is born. We went to the palace to ask where the one who has been born King of the Jews is, we told them we saw the star and have come to worship Him. The moment the message slipped from our lips, Herode and the whole of Jerusalem were disturbed. He started probing more into the reason for our visit. He later instructed us to go and look carefully for the Messiah so that we’ll come back and report to him so he too can go and worship Him.

We continued our journey early the following morning down to the city of Judea in Bethlehem when the star stopped. We saw Baby Jesus wrapped in a cloth lying in a manger. He was sleeping sullenly. Mary quickly fetched us some water whiles Joseph motioned us to a nearby log. We told them our purpose of visit and they were pleased. Mary told us about the stress she’s gone through as a result of the decree by Caesar Augustus that a census should be taken.
The Journey from Nazareth to Judea in Bethlehem is not an easy one; it’s about 180miles and she had to travel all that mile on a donkey. After a short exchange of pleasantries she sung the magnificat saying “My soul rejoice in the Lord and my spirit glorifies in God my saviour for He has been mindful of the humble state of His servant . . . forever just as He promised our ancestors”. We were really elated and we joined her triumphantly to sing. After giving gifts of Gold, Myrrh and Frankincense to baby Jesus, We left the following day on a different route because an Angel of the Lord has instructed us not to pass Herode’s town. Since then we’ve been proclaiming the light that has shone on us.

As I have already told you; I am a shepherd. One of those guys. I mean the wise men who witnessed the birth of Christ. My friends and I only sent our flocks to graze but ‘Love’ found us. Come and join us and let us sing praises to our King. Glory to God in highest heaven and on earth Peace to those on whom his favour rests. This, this is the king we adore. He has brought us good tidings and great joy to the world. Let the whole of the earth receive the King. He is the one who has come to take away the sins of men. Hear him, every path in your life that is blare He will make it clear, He will feed you till you want no more. He is the voice proclaiming righteousness long ago in the wilderness, the epitome of life and love is at the shores of your fence. Give your life to Him, He’ll make you great from top to floor.

Jingle bell, jingle bell, the sirens and the Archangel’s voice. You can hear them at its best. Across your streets they are loud and clear. It is Christmas. Come and join me let’s sing praises to our King. God is love. He has blessed us with a child. He has given us a son on whose shoulders shall the government be laid. He is the Messiah. Jesus, the Christ is come and it is Christmas!

My name is PhilemonStepz.


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