VIDEO: How Social Media Made Naddy Obeng An AIDS-Distributing Sex Maniac


Social media with all its positives has a lot of cons. When a story breaks on social media, verified or not, it spreads like wild fire at the speed of light.

Social media is therefore often used as an instrument of propaganda and a tool for wracking people’s character and personality, justified or not.

The latest person to fall victim to the crashing steel jaw of social media as we know it is young Naddy Obeng.

A couple of weeks ago, she became a social media sensation when news broke that she is a HIV positive patient going on rampage to infect any man who makes advances towards her.

It was alleged that Naddy in a WhatsApp chat with one of her friends, said that she had infected eight men already and would not die alone as she embarks on a nationwide tour of spreading the disease to randy men because one of them infected her same way.

A screen shot of the alleged Whatsapp chat was leaked on social media by the friend with the handle @emmanwandud.

Weeks after the leak, Naddy finally comes out to clear the air.

Watch the video below:


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