Swedish politician proposes paid s.ex breaks for workers


A politician in Sweden has proposed that the country’s workers be provided an hour-long break to go home and have s.ex.

Per-Erik Muskos, 42, of the Swedish Social Democrat Party proposed the idea in a council meeting in the northern city of Overtornea, stating couples in Sweden don’t get to spend enough time together and suggested the paid break could improve relationships and boost childbirth.

“Childbirth should be encouraged,” he said.

Along with the psychological and relationship benefits, Muskos said the breaks could also give workers the opportunity to exercise during the work day.

“When s.ex is also an excellent form of exercise with documented positive effects on well being, the municipality should kill two birds with one stone and encourage employees to use their fitness hour to go home and have s.ex with their partner, he said.

Swedes already commonly take coffee breaks two to three times during the work day and are afforded 480 days of paid parental leave to be shared between parents, but Muskos argues couples still don’t spend enough intimate time together

“I believe that s.ex is a scarce commodity in many long relationships. Everyday life is stressful and the children are at home. This could be an opportunity to have their own time,” he said.


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