Mugabe Gives AU $1M


President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has presented a cheque of one million dollars to the African Union Foundation to help end the “donor dependency syndrome”.

Mr. Mugabe made a pledge last year during the meeting of African Heads of State to auction 300 cattle from his farm with the proceeds to be used to strengthen the AU Foundation.

Speaking at the summit, Mr Mugabe said it was a “modest contribution” and a “symbolic step” towards helping to end the “donor dependency syndrome” in Africa.

President Mugabe added that he hopes his gesture will challenge the rest of his colleagues to find sustainable ways of contributing to the financial independence of the African Union Foundation and the African Union in general.

“As an African and a farmer, the donation of cattle came naturally to me, given that our continent is rich in cattle and cattle are held as a store of wealth,” Mr Mugabe said.

Mr Mugabe handed the $1m cheque to the AU at its leaders’ summit in Ethiopia.

The donation comes amid a severe cash and food crisis in Zimbabwe.

Last year, more than four million people were in need of food aid in the southern African state after rains failed.

However, there has been a bumper harvest this year, with the country expected to be self-sufficient for the first time in years.


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