5 Female Celebrities Who Openly Declared Their Love For Sex


In as much almost every adult likes/love sex, hardly will you hear people come out publicly to declare their love and obsession with s.ex.

It’s natural for a person to feel love once in a while. But not often will you hear people talking about their love life.

In fact, in our part of the world, it’s an abomination to even talk about s.ex publicly. Yet We have some people who are not afraid of societal stigmas and have boldly declare their love for s.ex.

Surprisingly, some are women. Women are mostly known to be shy and will never talk about matters that happen under the sheet. They love to keep private matters private.

Ghpage.com has compiled a list of Ghanaian female celebrities who have boldly openly declared they love s.ex. Some even claim they are obsessed with it.


Efya is romantic by nature. She is just sexy and it looks like she just doesn’t look it. She also enjoys the act. The sensational songstress in an interview revealed that she loves s.ex and there is nothing anybody can do about that.

Efya born Jane Fara Fauzzier Yahaya Awindor she said, ““my Sexuality is who I am and I love s.ex and for me, that is it”.

Mercy Asiedu

The veteran Kumawood actress Mercy Asiedu is one person who has also declared her obsession with s.ex. For the older actress, she has s.ex almost every day and that is it.

The actress who recently got married to Chief of Kunsu early this year explained further in an interview that she has s.ex with the husband every day unless of cause circumstances don’t permit it.

She said, “We have s.ex almost every day. As for us, we don’t wait for the weather to decide on when to have s.ex when we are in bed and the feeling arises, we also arise to the occasion. We do it almost every day. Even we would have done it before I came but the time you came to pick us was too early that is why we have not done it but we will certainly do it when we get home.”

Afia Schwarzenegger

The controversial presenter and comedian Afia Schwarzenegger is one person is known to love to s.ex. She has time without number explicitly told her fans how much she loves it.

Recently she posted a very raunchy photo of herself and her husband Mr. Abrokwa in bed and captioned it, “Will tell u abt it 2morrow. Happy 0rgazm.”

Annica and Okyeame Kwame

This couple, Okyeame Kwame and his wife Annica is one of the favorite celebrity couples in Ghana. They are fashionable, amazing and most of all outspoken.

Annica last month revealed in an interview that they have s.ex every day in the past 11 years. But she explained that there are only 3 conditions that prevent their loving making. That is when she is menstruating, sick or when Okyeame Kwame travels. Isn’t this amazing?


Undoubtedly, Ebony is the s.exiest female Ghanaian artist in Ghana now. She is the Mzbel and Efya combined together. And she is not shy about it.

She has on countless occasions talked about how she loves s.ex. She talks about it in her songs, on interviews and video shows. In fact everywhere.

In an interview with a media house recently, she revealed although she loves s.ex, it’s only one person she does it with. She said, “I love s.ex but with one particular person”.


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