10 Crazy S3x Positions You Have To Try Before The Year Ends


In every relationship , s3x is very vital and lack of good s3x can kill the relationship. You wouldn’t want the reason why your partner will ditch you to be because of good s3x right?

So get to know some top 10 s3x positions to give it a try in the bedroom to spark up your love life. Use our next buttons to read through.

#1 Missionary position. Don’t yawn! Missionary position is pretty intimate even though you probably think otherwise. Sure, you probably lost your virginity in this position, but stop for a second and think about it. The man’s over top of the female, face-to-face with eye contact. It’s romantic.

For the female, she’s able to use her hands and explore her partner’s body. I know missionary is known as some standard position since the female doesn’t have to do much, but, try lifting your legs on his shoulders or bringing your knees to your chest. That exposes the clitoris and gives it direct contact with his pen-is.


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