Afia Schwarzenegger Reveals A Secret About Her Failed Marriage


Television personality, Afia Schwarzenegger has revealed a secret about her failed marriage and has used it as an advise to all women suffering from such abuses in their marriages.

In a post on Instagram, she disclosed that while her husband treated her like trash he always denied the claim in public which meant he knew what he was doing was bad but continued to do it.

She said “I saw my ex lying/trying to defend himself anytime he abuses me n i tell someone….so i asked him a very simple question,”If you are so ashamed of the things u do to me,why do u do it”…And he had no answer..

The moral behind this story is your abuser knows very well that what he is doing is wrong hence lie or try to cover up his actions…
Leave to Live”.

Afia Schwarzenegger has started a campaign to encourage women going through abuse in their marriage to quit rather than stay and be killed.


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