[WATCH VIDEO] NDC Structure “Weak, Abused And Ignored….” – Rawlings


Former President Jerry John Rawlings, has said the National Democratic Congress (NDC)needs men and women at its various Executive positions who have the strength of character to boldly lead the party and ensure that they have the ability to rein in members of their own government when in power.

The former leader who was speaking at the 36th anniversary celebration of the 31st December revolution added that, the party structure ‘’was weak, abused and ignored in the immediate past and when change comes that change must be one that carries with it the power and will of the people.

If we do not allow that revolutionary change but allow materialism and money politics to dictate our choices, then we will stay in the political abyss for a considerable period.’’

He also took a swipe at party faithful who descended on him for criticizing the NDC.

Some latter-day party officials have now made it their chore to denigrate me for speaking loudly and forcefully about the wrongs in the NDC when the party was in power.

Many of these political novices, eager to please their paymasters may be oblivious to the countless times my counsel was treated with contempt. I cannot lay claim to the position of party founder and spend time criticizing another party or institution when my house is burning.

Removing the log in my eye is the only way to legitimize any right to expose the speck in another’s.

He also used the opportunity to call on the current NPP government to deal with the issue of vigilantism saying,

I have on a number of occasions made remarks about the current president.

That notwithstanding, I have to caution that the rise of reckless vigilantism, which is breeding a new standard in lawlessness, has to be brought to book.

Vigilantism perceived to be protected by political authority is a one-way road to a breakdown of law and order.

The attacks on the High Court in Kumasi, the recent attacks on a Member of Parliament in Brong Ahafo and other reported incidents of highhandedness by perceived political agents have to be denounced forcefully and dealt with in a firm and swift manner that will inspire public confidence.

NDC marks 31st December revolution in grand style

NDC marks 31st December revolution in grand style

Posted by GhanaWeb on Sunday, December 31, 2017


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