10 Local Dishes You And Your Beloved Should Try In Tenerife


The major feature of food in Tenerife is the combination of products of Guanches and Spanish cuisines. The best restaurants in Tenerife will not leave without impressions of gourmets and finicky tourists.

The island is full of restaurants with Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and German cuisine. But the main food of locals is seafood. They prepare the best dishes using seafood: from banal shrimp to ocean fish and sea reptiles in coastal villages.

Of course you can easily find the most popular Spanish food – paella  in Tenerife. Paella is also known as rice with seafood or chicken. If you do not like spicy food, then when making your order, ask not to put chili pepper. It’s good to have paella with white wine. This is an excellent combination, which will also cool the spicy taste. You need minimum two people to eat one plate of paella. Saffron, which is growing on the island and is widely used, despite its high cost, gives a special yellow color to the dish.

Do not forget about the classic Spanish jamon – smoked ham. In the Tenerife carnival food version, it is over-flavored with a mixture of herbs: thyme, basil, oregano and cumin. If you hesitate, choose the Iberico jamon.

Main dishes of the cuisine of Tenerife from planetofbrides.com

Tenerife food and drink is bright and spicy. The most famous local dishes are snacks. Snakes here include tapas and pinchos:

• Papas arrugadas is the favorite food of the Canaries. Small brown potatoes are boiled in water with sea salt. Papas arugadas is served with three moss sauces based on coriander, vinegar, garlic and olive oil.

• Tapas sandwiches. Tapas have a great variety of fillings: from sausages and ham to fish pates and vegetable mixes. Take a dish full of different tapas, a bottle of wine, sauce and goat cheese.

• Dishes with gofio. Gofio is a traditional Canarian flour of fried grains of barley or corn. Gofio is added to many dishes. Gofio is often served as a side dish to the main course: meat or fish.

• This on  tastes great with beer. Pescsdos fritos is small fried fish that looks like kiln. You may also taste pickled anchovies here.

• Main courses are goat and lamb fried in olive oil with spices. Asado carne de cabra is a mannish dish, as it is fatty and heavy. Plenty of restaurant will please you with inexpensive main courses, considering prices of food in Tenerife ($8-15 for a budget dinner).

• Conchou al salmorjo is another famous Canarian dish. Marinated in a salmon rooster is a young rabbit. Meat is first roasted, then stewed and served with a traditional arugadas papas.

• Considering the hot Canadian climate soup is a rare guest for cooks in Tenerife. However, they have vegetable soup, fish soups and meat ones. Meat soup differs by types of meat: beef, chicken, rabbit with chickpeas. Try the garbanzas! Vegetable soups are made of spinach, onion and noodles, so they don’t differ from ordinary country soups much. You should also try a soup with gofio, as it is the oldest one. And the recipe came from guanches.

• Chulletas are cutlets of pork or lamb. Cutlets have nothing common with fried cakes of minced meat in Tenerife. It is a meat cooked on costal bone. Chuletas meat is roasted on a grill with salt and pepper.

Nobody will fell hungry here! The food in Tenerife is prepared from popular products, so the risks of indigestion are minimized, in contrast to Thailand, Vietnam or China. Numerous sauces replacing salt and pepper will make your romantic investigation even more exciting. Some fresh air from the ocean and the bright sun – what else do you need to cook a masterpiece?


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