REJOINDER : NSS Personnel Arrested In Social Media Fraud Syndicate

Joshua Ekow Sagoe (Left), Adwoa Akumia (Right)

Our attention has been drawn to a publication on our website of Friday, 1st December, 2017 under the above headline.

In that publication sourced from, we put out a number of inaccuracies making it necessary for us to publish this rejoinder.

On the aforementioned date, it was alleged that the Police CID has arrested the leader of a massive social media fraud syndicate after two months of Investigations by Starr News.

The story which our outfit also published named Mr. Joshua Ekow Sagoe and Ms. Adwoa Akumia, a national service personnel at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the alleged leader and accomplice respectively.

It has come to our attention that the earlier publication was a false and malicious propaganda meant to smear the reputation of the two alleged persons. uses this opportunity to officially apologize to Mr. Joshua Ekow Sagoe and Ms. Adwoa Akumia for all the troubles the publication might have caused you.


Ellis D. Avi-Doe



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