FDA: You Can Use Tramadol If…


The Food and Drugs Authorities (FDA) has said the use of Tramadol is not illegal if it is prescribed by a medical expert.

The education comes in response to the current wave of abuse of the pain-relieving drug.

Speaking on Joy FM’s health awareness programme Ultimate Health Sunday, Olivia Boateng from the Food and Drugs Authority clarified that Tramadol is a good drug when used under the right circumstances.

She advised that the drug can be used but only under prescription from a health expert.

“When you use it under prescription, you are good to go,” she said.

What is wrong is the irrational abuse and the abuse of the substance.

The authorities have come under a lot of pressure recently to clamp down on the illegal dealers of the drug which some of the addicts have argued that it helps in boosting their energy to do manual work.

The drug is also believed by some, to give sexual prowess to men in that it delays ejaculation and therefore extends the pleasure.

Health experts have however warned against such uses of Tramadol because the consequences are dire and cannot be compared to the temporary relief it gives.

“Its abuse can lead to seizures and even death,” she cautioned.

Madam Olivia Boateng said on the show that the FDA undertakes community sensitization on substance abuse and since Tramadol is the one dominating discourse at the moment, they have focused on that.

“We do routine public education on them and we emphasize on the ones coming up,” she said.

Responding to how these peddlers get hold of the drug, she blamed the “porous borders”.

“The approved routes for drugs to come into the country are Kotoka International Airport and the Tema harbor,” she stated.

“We have our officer there and they check what comes in,” she added.

Two persons were arrested in the Northern Regional Capital, Tamale Saturday for illegal selling of the drug.

You can reach the FDA on SMS short code 4015 or on WhatsApp via 0206973065


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