(Photos)New Road To Fix East Legon – Spintex Traffic Congestion Opens


The new tunnel under the Accra-Tema motorway, that connects East Legon to the Spintex Road and aimed at fixing the traffic congestion in that area of Accra has been opened.

The new 8.5-meter wide tunnel has helped to ease traffic in that area of Accra as it has ensured a continuous flow of traffic instead of the previous alternating flow that motorists were experiencing under the old one-way 4.5-meter wide tunnel which was constructed in the 1950s.

Additional tunnel to be built on Spintex Road – Work commences in October this year

The old tunnel was constructed to serve as a cattle crossing point when the motorway was constructed in the 1950s but as residential developments expanded at East Legon and beyond, it became prudent to convert the cattle crossing for vehicular use under an alternating one-way traffic system.

Over time the traffic in the area increased to the extent that motorists had to endure long queues and sufferings to cross.

At peak hours, it used to take not less than 30 minutes wait to cross to the other side but once the new tunnel was opened to traffic on Monday evening, the traffic flow was “super”, a motorist said.


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