VIDEO: Girls Being Stripped Nak’d To Dance In South Africa Attracts Social Media Backlash


A new video going viral on the internet sees some South African students performing traditional dances as part of the performance, barely nak’ed. In the video, the girls, are seen without any tops or bras holding their breas.ts.

The students who are members of a cultural choir in their school are seen shaking their bums while dancing amidst singing to people who have gathered to witness the program.

What gathers is that a South African politician, Premier Phumulo Masualle has asked for investigations to be done to explain how members of a school choir were allowed to sing on stage naked when the department hosted an eisteddfod in Mthatha on Friday.

But an MP and renowned cultural activist Zoleka Capa in the country has stated that there’s nothing wrong with it.

“Is their sin being proud of their culture and showcasing it unapologetically? The action by the premier will not be left unchallenged. People must learn to embrace their own culture. We are living in a country with diverse cultures,” said Capa.

Watch the video below:



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